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If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you would have seen our posts about one of our clients being featured in this month's issue of Home beautiful magazine!  

I don't know about you, but I think Sarrita King's Ancestors piece adds such a beautiful sophistication to the space :-)

Many of our clients are in the process of making their house a home, and a work of art is usually the finishing touch to make the space sing.  Unlike some galleries that may look coldly on emphasising how the work of art will sit in the home space, we think everyone deserves a beautiful work of art that reflects their taste and aesthetic. You'll be the one viewing the artwork everyday, and we want it to be a source of tremendous joy!

Our friendly, informative art consultants and gallery services are here to help you find the perfect piece - but to get the creative juices flowing we've selected a couple of new works and pieces from our latest exhibition, and placed them in a number of different settings. While the stories depicted in these artworks are incredibly ancient, they are somehow able to blend traditional iconography with a distinctive contemporary aesthetic.

Our Current Exhibition, Journey Tracks | Tony Sorby is hanging in the Charcoal gallery, but his art looks fantastic against a white wall as well. In this lounge room setting, Tony Sorby's Journey Tracks to Sacred Water Sites marries all of the hues found in the space.  

Whereas in this minimal black and white urban setting, Sorby's artwork is the 'pop of colour' and adds warmth to what would have been an incredibly stark feeling in the room.   

Journey Tracks To Sacred Sites

Our Newest Australian Aboriginal Art page has a selection of gorgeous pieces hand picked by our director from last year's Desert Mob in Alice Springs - a beautiful eclectic mix of artworks that can work in a range of settings.

Meredith Treacle's piece looks fantastic in this neutral lounge setting - subtly picking up colours from the timber floor

And this eclectic boho setting sings with Carol Steven's joyous work

Rhoda Tjitayi's artwork hung on the portrait orientation gives the perfect amount of colour to this Scandinavian styled inspired setting 

And Mona Mitaikiki Shepherd's artwork emphasises the high ceilings and adds warmth to the space 

Why not take a painting or two home for a few days to see how it works in your space - this is what we call our 'Home Trial' service and you can learn a lot about your taste this way. Like music, some art takes time to get to know. The best art reveals itself slowly.... We let you have time.

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