Trevor ‘turbo’ Brown Exhibition Opens This Weekend

As I step into the charcoal gallery I feel as if I have been transported to the dreamtime; a time and place where all animals live in unspoiled harmony.  Turbo’s engaging pictorial style and irresistibly quirky critters have an unabashed loveliness to them.

His Tasmanian Tiger appears to be smiling right at you


While the Sixteen Pink Galahs are happy chatting amongst themselves, basking in the afternoon sun


Turbo’s work may seem naive in the simplicity of form, but there is an incredible energy in the dynamic composition, colour and line.


Using bright colours and bold outline, he usually works on a large scale and paints quickly using unmixed acrylic paint. His Engaging pictorial style and distinctive creatures from the dreamtime makes his works pulsate with an irresistible and syncopated beat.

Here, Turbo depicts two wombats – one above ground and the second appears to be nestled safely in their borrow, almost as if viewed from an aerial perspective.  It is this innovative and bold style that has seen Turbo achieve substantial recognition in just a few short years, as well as carve out a significant exhibition history. 

This will be a very fun opening weekend - the exhibition is a burst of colour and life; a celebration of Turbo and of Koorie culture and spirit. I encourage you all to visit the gallery this weekend and spend some time in Turbo’s Dreamtime.

To view all of Turbo’s artwork click here.

To read his incredible Biography, click here.

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