Kate Owen Gallery's MASSIVE End of Year Sale!

Can you believe it's November already? How the year has flown by! There's enough time for one more event in the gallery this year, so we're having a massive END OF YEAR SALE!Starting on Saturday 16 November, we'll take an incredible 20% - 80% off 1,000+ beautiful artworks!Make sure you visit us at t... [More]

Introducing Niah Juella

It is with great excitement that we are hosting the first Sydney solo exhibition for Niah Juella McLeod, an exciting new voice in the contemporary Indigenous art scene, winner of the 2017 Paddington Art Prize Young Artist Award and finalist in this year’s Paddington Art Prize. N... [More]

A vibrant new exhibition by Karen Napaljarri Barnes

Our Karen Napaljarri Barnes show is proving to be popular with visitors young and old. Her depictions of Ngatijirri Jukurrpa (Budgerigar Dreaming) and the birds and animals that live around Yuendumu have such a great charm and presence that they really do stop you in your tracks. Upstairs visitor... [More]

Polly Ngale | Arnwetky

On display in the charcoal gallery. Can't visit the gallery? View our online exhibition here.  click on image above to view the exhibition catalogue Polly Ngale is one of the most senior custodians of her country Ahalpere, in the heart of Utopia, located in the north west corner of ... [More]

Defining Tradition | black & white

We are delighted to present our third exhibition in the 'defining tradition' exhibition series. In this show, we are celebrating the trailblazing artists who moved away from colour and pursued a more minimalistic style. Inspired by ancient Dreamings and the Australian landscape, their works are... [More]

Gallery News

What an incredible start to the year it has been for the KOG Crew. Here's a summary of 2019 so far; exhibitions and artist in residence programs So far we've held two exhibitions in our 'defining tradition' series, with more planned later in the year and extending in to the 2020 exhibition schedul... [More]

Understanding Colour

The artists represented at Kate Owen Gallery have a magnificent sense of colour. They instinctively use original and vital colour in a balanced and harmonious way on the canvas. Most of us, however, are not so lucky. Sometimes we feel that we have a colour scheme for the home or office, but often, h... [More]

Defining Tradition | The Colourists

Welcome to our second exhibition in the ‘defining tradition’ exhibition series. In this show, we’re celebrating the trailblazing artists who pursued an adventurous use of colour.  article | related videos | exhibition catalogue | online exhibit... [More]

Defining Tradition: a series of exhibitions exploring the evolution of aboriginal art

Defining Tradition | the first wave and & its disciples 19 january - 17 february 2019 article | related videos | exhibition catalogue | online exhibition This year, we thought we’d try something different with our exhibition schedule. Don’t worry, the stellar solo shows ... [More]

Desert Mob 2018

The feature artwork for Desert Mob 2018, ‘Ngura (Country)’, a collaborative work by Mumu Mike Williams, Kunmanara Martin and Sammy Dodd of Mimili Maku Arts Earlier this year, the Kate Owen Gallery team attended Desert Mob in Alice Springs. Desert Mob is a unique annual event that brings... [More]