Barbara Weir Charity Exhibition opens Saturday 16 June

Special Charity Exhibition with donated proceeds going to 'Sugar in the Bush' towards reducing Diabetes in Indigenous Communities. [More]

Flash Sale - This Weekend

Aboriginal Art Sale on at Kate Owen Gallery in Sydney this weekend. [More]

10 Facts about Aboriginal Art

Interesting snippets of information about Australian Indigenous Art [More]

Linda Syddick Exhibition

Linda Syddick is one of the most interesting, quirky and accomplished Aboriginal Artists painting today, and a 'must' for any Aboriginal Art Collection. [More]

Charlie McMahon Free Concert

  The fabulous Charlie McMahon is gracing the gallery today with a spontaneous gig - starts at 4pm at our gallery, 680 Darling Street, Rozelle. Come along and enjoy his performance on Digeridoo and his own invention the Digeribone!  All are welcome.  

What’s In The Stockroom? Kurrajong Bush Medicine Leaf Dreaming

Louise Numina is from Stirling Station near Tennant Creek. She is the niece of both Gloria and Kathleen Petyarre. Like Gloria Louise paints the dreaming of the Kurrajong leaves. In Aboriginal culture women collect these leaves from around the central desert area. They are used for medicinal purposes in pain relief and also applied to cuts and bruises. My eye is always drawn to Louise's work. Her brush work is confident and subtle and her colours and compositions are always balanced and pleasing. In short, Louise knows how to paint, and this is no surprise as she is a Fine Arts graduate from the Northern Territory University. This fine arts background adds a unique element to her traditional Bush Medicine leaf dreamings. [More]

What’s new to the Collectors’ Gallery

Our sun-filled third floor gallery has been glowing with stunning artworks of both exceptional aesthetic merit as well as historical significance since October last year. By dedicating this expansive space solely to museum-quality pieces, our collection has grown significantly as we continue to acquire special works by those artists who have marked their place within the history of the Aboriginal art movement. [More]

What’s In The Stockroom? Kangaroo Hunter

Kurun Warun is an exceptional artist and musician from the indigenous Guntijamara tribe. He lives in South East Queensland and has painted from an early age. Kangaroo Hunter is a brilliant example of his elaborate and unique dot style. What draws me to his work is the way he manipulates the paint and pushes the dots in different directions to achieve a surface full of interest and movement. This work has a special relationship to the team at Kate Owen as it was painted right here on site in the Gallery during December of 2011 when we were lucky enough to have Kurun Warun visit us over a few days. Kurun Warun's work is highly sought after and has sold to international and celebrity collectors such as Oprah Winfrey. [More]

Bush Medicine Leaves

Situated thirty kilometres north–east of Alice Springs (In The Northern Territory) Utopia, a former cattle station, became renowned in the 1970’s for its batik: a skill passed down from a group of women (including Rosemary Petyarre) who had travelled to Indonesia to learn different techniques in textile designs. [More]

What’s In The Stockroom? Waitya

Mitjili Napurrula is a Pintupi woman from the Haasts Bluff region 200km west of Alice Springs. She is the half sister of Turkey Tjupurrula Tolson. Her dreamings come from her father and relate to the important 'men's business' of spear making. What I find striking about Mitjili's work is her distinctive patterns that represent the women's contribution to this process in providing wood for the spears from trees - Watiya. Mitjili's canvas' are characterised by a strong sense of spacing and layering that has earned her acclaim both in Australia and internationally. I am drawn to this work in particular as it displays a light and subtle colour palette and is unique in being painted on an all white background.' Waitya' also displays Mitjil's signature style of dotting that push and overlap to give the impression of a solid colour field. [More]